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Some people are still missing out while our members clean up, as our horse-racing tips and results continue to pile on the agony for the bookies and betting exchange amateurs.

Graph showing the fully proofed actual profit you could have made since 12th November 2009 for 5 minutes "work" per day, by following the horse-racing tips from SAS Platinum. Betfair starting price performance in the graph is measured after accounting for Betfair commission at 2%

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Winston Churchill

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Caution: Any horse-racing tipster service which is unable to PROVE its results unequivocally and independently may have something to hide. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of horse-racing tipster services making various claims. The vast majority will be totally unable to prove these claims independently for the simple reason that if they ever dared proof their horse-racing selections independently their claims would be completely exposed. You know this to be true. Please do not be burned. Only believe independent proof you can see with your own eyes.

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